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Update to my whereabouts

It  has been a couple of years since I recorded my whereabouts.  What happened? Where have I been? Surprise! I am checking in with you via Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. The following is, why, and how I came to be here. Thanks to a few of you for asking about me. The story goes….

My right knee has caused me a lot of problems over the years in discomfort and mobility. While in Japan, it just got worse. The doctor there said my knee was bone on bone and now necessary to have a joint replacement. Wow! Choices! Should I stay in Japan and have knee replacement surgery or go back to the Pacific Northwest (WA State) for the surgery. Actually, the idea of staying in Japan was very appealing as the care and recovery for this type of surgery is all done in the hospital, you are there approximately three weeks. Whereas, in the U.S. you have the surgery and your stay in the hospital is maybe three days. (Then all the recovery work is done from your home.  Either care providers come to you or you go to them.)  However inviting it is to be in only one place recovering, and including rehabilitation, the thought of very few English speakers around me during this process  sounded pretty scary. It was in the Fall of the year, I opted to go back to the Northwest where I was more familiar with the doctors and procedures.  Most of all I would have people speaking English around me while I was getting well.  So, there was a hasty good-bye and off I went, back to the Northwest. Picture above is  Abby kitty welcoming me back to the Northwest.

After finding a surgeon, a joint replacement center, and scheduling surgery (a January date was set), I had time to visit my daughter, Michelle and her partner, George in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They have a lovely home there. George’s children, Dunia and Musa live with them and soon I will be joining them too. But that will have to wait as I have a new knee to be installed first.


Sharon Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and owned a healthcare uniform business for many years. She also lived in Japan but presently resides in Michigan. She blogs about her experiences and observations touching on culture, lifestyle, and the people around her.

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