A Place Called Home - A Memoir

Picking Up the Pieces and Creating a New Kind of Family

When her twenty-year marriage ends, Sharon prays for a way to provide a stable, loving home for herself and her daughter. And it seems like her prayer is answered when she finds the perfect house: old but grand and close to her daughter's school. There's just one problem: with a limited income, the only way to afford it would be to share the expenses. But she doesn't know anyone looking to share a house, and she can't simply invite perfect strangers to live with her and her daughter. Or can she?

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Gathering together an unlikely cast of real-life characters-including a former vaudeville entertainer, one woman facing a life-threatening illness, and a middle-aged teacher with a penchant for Dove Bars, pedicures, and whirlwind cross-country excursions-Sharon strives to turn a group of strangers into a new family. But can they overcome the demons that have torn each of their lives apart?

Join Sharon and her family in this heartwarming memoir about faith, friendship, and a place to call home.

A Place Called Home - A Memoir is Available Now

A story of faith, family, and one woman's path toward finding herself and her future by opening her home to strangers.

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