Naptime for a Boston Terrier with Sharon at

Please, this is my nap time, don’t bother me!

Olivia loves to take naps. If she can find something to snuggle under and cover her head, that would be perfect for her. Her habit is to nap after breakfast, awhile in the afternoon and a practice nap in the early part of the evening.

Next to napping, she likes to run!  With me, she takes walks – with Michelle she runs. She has learned who will give into her encouraging ways for a bite of food. She has convinced George that it is OK to give her a treat. She has learned to pay special individual attention to each of us. She will announce the arrival of anyone at our door with quiet, little woofs, before we even know anyone is there. She loves to play chasing around the backyard after squirrels, bugs and birds.

But, most of all – she loves her little naps! We recently had company over for the evening. Olivia was busy making rounds visiting with each person. She literally wore herself out and fell asleep while in Michelle’s lap. Michelle was holding her against her body and simple allowed her arms to fall forward. Olivia continued to sleep in such position. See below.


Olivia, a Boston Terrier, takes a nap in a lap with Sharon at


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